Mission Statement

APCS provides innovative and environmentally forward-looking solutions that effectively address the unique economic and environmental challenges facing the coal-fired power generation industry globally.

About Us

APCS provides proprietary and innovative technology designed to allow coal-fired power plants to meet today's rigorous environmental and financial challenges.

HB3: APCS hybrid burner technology provides the capability to emulate dual fuel burners thereby replacing an estimated 30-40% estimated of the coal with environmentally cleaner natural gas or natural gas liquid. This has significant plant efficiencies as well environmental benefits in reducing SOx, NOx, particulates, mercury, and carbon dioxide.

HI3: APCS patented hybrid insertion technology provides state-of-the-art technology to effectively introduce various compounds into the heart of the furnace environment. Compounds have been devised by numerous third-party firms which dramatically reduce the volume of pollutants into the atmosphere and enhance performance.

APCS's methods of injection of these compounds approaches is far more efficient than other alternatives and can be implemented for a small fraction of the cost.